System Integrators

Rapidly and cost effectively build digital commerce applications for your enterprise customers using the Cloud Payments Developer’s Platform and Portal

Systems integrators can quickly and cost effectively combine pre-built micro services into digital commerce solutions for your clients.  The digital commerce solutions can be deployed in-house by the client, or hosted by Cloud Payments in Amazon Cloud.  See the Case Studies of market-leading Digital Commerce solutions that have been built using the Cloud Payments Developers Platform and Portal.

Quickly combine micro services into digital commerce solutions

Advantages of using the Cloud Payments Developers Portal

  • Reduce time to market and development costs by using the large selection of pre-built micro-services for the most commonly needed digital commerce services
  • A Cloud Payments Framework that provides the responsiveness, scalability, and security needed for enterprise digital commerce apps
  • Modern architecture and open APIs to access and extend the micro-service

Developers Platform Framework

The powerful Cloud Payments Developers Platform Framework has been used to quickly create and operationally manage some of the most successful, secure and scalable digital commerce apps in the market (see Case Studies).  We have now made it available for System Integrators to use.

Next Steps

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Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers. 

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