Marketing agencies of all sizes have been some of our earliest adopters.  Spread over 60 countries, Agencies provide their businesses with added value services that enhance our capabilities and implement their clients’ individual business needs in their local markets.

Business Augmentation in a Box

Regardless of what kind of business you run, if you service other businesses, we can augment your revenue streams.  By adding payment optimization, loyalty, and offers to your existing services, you can create a new suite of products and services that help your clients lower their cost of doing business, retain more customers or incentivize them to behave in more desirable ways, and generate new customers with incentives like coupons or offers. All these activities generate data that you can help your client interpret and strategize for continued growth.


Agencies operate and concentrate in a country or particular geographic region.  (ie, small businesses in Rome, Italy)  With their market knowledge and expertise and our technology they  quickly become their areas’ premiere provider of business augmentation services and capabilities. 


Agencies often focus and target a specific industry vertical (ie, Chiropractors, Salons and Spas, etc.). With our robust and flexible platform they offer unique solutions that solve unique industry needs. 



With the Cloud Payments platform, your agency can quickly and easily create and manage solutions under your own private label brand. Everything you need is provided, from out-of-the box tools to hundreds of APIs to integrate with any 3rd party service. 

Use Cloud Payments for any type of client you have, be it a business, e-commerce site, retail store, an association, chain store, church, financial institution or school. Some agencies market to any small business, while others specialize. Others create integrations for the platform or work with Fortune 500 companies.

Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers. 

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