Data Monetization with mVault®

Your customer data is extremely valuable.  Not only to deepen the relationship with your best customers and increase engagement with all your customers, but it can also create new revenue streams for you that can significantly improve your bottom line.  Cloud Payments offers mVault®,  a Data Management Platform, as part of its technology offerings designed to help clients monetize their customer data while maintaining strict confidentiality, compliance with all relevant regulations and complete protection of your customer. 

Let Cloud Payments maximize your customer value

Cloud Payments’ will manage your customer data to keep it safe while maximizing its value to your business.  We capture all relevant data from any interactions with your customers across channels and we aggregate the data for use in Digital Marketing programs.  We’ll work with your marketing team to consider new new revenue streams that you may decide to pursue utilizing the commercial value of your data.  

Payments Data

Harness the power of transactional data to create a more complete picture of your customer’s buying patterns. By tying your customers’ purchases to their profiles, CloudPayments uses predictive analytics to segment audiences and optimize marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Data

By incentivizing consumers with rewards, a business not only can increase retention, but also put faces to the raw transactional data.  In essence, a loyalty program is permission by the customer for a business to engage with them at a deeper level.  Because today businesses do not operate in vaccums, with the right terms and conditions, the data collected can be anonymized and monetized.

Enrichment Data

From basic customer data such as that collected from loyalty registrations, data augmenation services can be tapped to gain insight on the type of customers they are. From life stages to affinities and other insightful segmentations, a business can focus on those customers most valuable to them.

Optimize your data assets

Companies accumulate a wealth of data in the regular course of conducting business. That data is potentially one of the most valuable asset a company has, but is often also the least understood and the least monetized. 

Start the data monetization journey today

Let us help you turn dusty data sitting in logs and historical records into live streams of valuable insights and additional revenue streams to support your business.

Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers. 

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