Cloud Payments offers a comprehensive Developer’s Portal with detailed APIs and Mobile Frameworks which enable Developers to quickly add commerce capabilities to their projects to create powerful, secure and compliant apps.

developer Tools

API Docs

Our platform has over a decade of continuous development and is rich in functionality required for secure, compliant commerce applications.  Our interface documentation is meant to help developers learn the power of our functionality and to serve as a reference while you embed services into your own applications. Extensive APIs give you complete flexibility or you can use the Frameworks to give you speed to market.

Developer Sandbox

Our restful APIs are extensive and allow you to create any level of integration. Create a developer account, and get access to Postman collections and swagger sandbox testing. There are APIs to access micro-services for payments, loyalty, and offers functionality, along with users and roles, data collection fields, triggers, campaigns, store locators, mobile app management, and more.

Mobile Frameworks

To speed up development, our frameworks provide your development team with the tools necessary to include ready-made functionality in your interfaces. For both iOS and Android, spend more time on creating a great user experience and less on debugging integrations.

Demo App

  Still don’t get it?  Watch this video of a sample digital commerce app that was quickly built in our developers portal to manage offers, pay for purchases, and participate in the brand’s loyalty program. 



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Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers. 

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