Digital Currency

Fundz®, Cloud Payment’s digital money management platform, leverages our industry leading, patented technology enabling consumers and brands to transition from legacy systems and methods to contemporary, contactless payments as part of a Digital Economy.

Digital Money Management

Fundz® provides your business the capabilities needed to grow and increase profitability both now and into the future.  This is accomplished by leveraging existing interchange based card payment systems while introducing reduced cost digital currency oriented payments. Deployed via enterprise partnerships, Fundz® design allows the ability to white label which supports large scale operations, but can be equally beneficial to small and medium (SME) businesses who seek to better leverage their consumer relationships and target next generation consumers who prefer digital commerce over legacy methods.

Key Features

P2P Payments

Person to Person digital payments. Consumers can send and request money to other consumers instantaneously.

P2M Payments

Person to Merchant digital payments. Fundz “push” payment protocol provides the consumer complete control while significantly lowering cost to the merchant.

Shared Fundz®

Let your consumers share expenses with others or collect money for purchasing your goods or services.

Fundz® Card

The Fundz® card lets you easily use your Fundz digital currency balance at merchants that are not currently part of the Fundz digital ecosystem.

Fundz® Rewardz

Increase adoption and engagement through a uniquely tailored loyalty program attached to any kind of transaction within the Fundz platform.

Fundz® ​Offerz

Serve ads and promotions directly to consumers via apps that use the Fundz digital ecosystem.

Cloud Payments Technology

Fundz® is part of MOMBA (Mobile Open Mesh Banking Architecture), a contemporary, transformational advanced technology platform built to leverage the significant research and development investment made by Cloud Payments over the past decade.
The foundation of MOMBA​ is our Digital Commerce platform,  MoTEAF®,​ developed at a cost of over $150M.  MoTEAF® provides digital transaction processing middleware and micro services connecting mobile payment devices and apps with legacy payment processing infrastructure.

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Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers.

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