Vodafone Case Study


Vodafone Group Plc is one of the world’s leading telecommunications groups, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Vodafone provides mobile networks in 26 countries (including joint ventures and associates) and fixed services in 17 of these.

In addition to mobile and fixed networks, Vodafone provides a host of network-based communications, organizational and cloud services to help businesses stay connected and run more efficiently.


Vodafone needed a solution that would allow subscribers to consolidate all of their physical cards into a mobile wallet, be able to make mobile payments in an EMV market, travel with Mifare Classic and 2.0 transport cards, and make virtual loyalty cards available.

Essentially, they wanted to make their user’s lives completely mobile.


Cloud Payment’s platform allowed for interconnectivity between the participating merchants and services, and the customer’s phone. Cloud Payment connected:

  • Consumer wallet apps on Vodafone’s network
  • The data encrypted in the secure element (physical or virtual) of the mobile phone
  • Participating merchants’ POS devices
  • The Cloud Payment wallet server, configured through an administrative portal to allow content deployment to the wallets.

Cloud Payments also implemented the financial-transaction-grade security and compliance within the Vodafone-owned infrastructure and hosting servers.


The mobile wallet was launched in six countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Hungary.

“Fintiv’s mCommerce experience and execution were central in helping us to meet our aggressive implementation schedule.”

– Group Director, mCommerce & mWallet for Vodafone.

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