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Our platform is more than a complicated technology stack. It is also a platform to create or grow businesses. By white-labeling our solutions, a business can increase their revenue by adding value through consulting services, building solutions using our platform capabilities, and through recurring monthly subscriptions. Here’s a quick overview of how three very differnt agencies have done this across the world.

Italy: Simsol

Simsol augmented their existing business supporting small businesses’ marketing needs in Rome by adding loyalty programs to their service offerings, using our Loyalty Engine. Using the loyalty APIs, they created a program that uses a customer’s loyalty transactions as a basis to generate offers, which when redeemed are used to capture the ROI and impact of the merchant’s advertising.

Given the success of their solution first implemented in 2008 and based on costly hardware terminals (Verifone),  Simsol invested a few years later in upgrading their hardware terminals to mobile-based apps for both merchants and customers. This lowered the merchants’ cost-of-entry while providing a better customer experience.

Simsol’s success has spawned a YouTube channel in Italian (Ciao!) hosted by Simsol’s founder, Stefano, to help merchants use these simple tools to generate effective marketing, turning him into a real Roman small-business hero.


Australia: IQ Gecko

IQ Gecko is a payments and loyalty company focusing on large retailers in Australia. IQ Gecko uses our loyalty engine as a “source of truth” to keep transaction history, balances, and customer data, on which all other systems rely. They also integrated other technologies to enhance capturing this data. Sales Grabber scans SKUs directly into PC-based POS terminals. Tablet-based Kiosks at hotels speed-up enrollment. A partnership with Casio resulted in their own line of POSes called PosIQ. 

With these tools, IQ Gecko is able to overlay customer and loyalty data on top of transactions. This means that clerks can engage with their customers on a more personal level, and the back-office can measure how effective their campaigns are.

IQ Gecko’s clients include global brands in the transportation, retail and hospitality industries. Their success in Australia has been so substantial, they now sub-license their solution to agencies in New Zealand and South Asia.

Canada: [Shhh!
Behind the curtain!]

A loyalty-based startup in Canada has built a marketing company around the data generated by offering loyalty programs to its client’s customers using our platform. Although they concentrate mostly in North America, their clientele fans out to the rest of the world and comprises a good percentage of the 12 languages and 60 countries that we provide our platforms to.

Using the Loyalty APIs, they are able to create custom interfaces and dashboards with ROI metrics based on each segment’s needs. More than others, they have focused on SEO and as a result are one of the top results when searching for loyalty solutions for merchants.  Due to this approach, they have grown by leaps and bounds.

Their global outreach and bespoke approach to each industry has translated into increased interest by ever larger brands looking for innovative companies. All because of their smart use of the CloudPayments platform.


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Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers.

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