Hotels and Resorts

From penthouse boutiques to chains down under, we have experience in the hospitality industry and its unique needs and challenges, world-wide.  

Hotels, Motels, B&Bs, and AirBnBs oh my...

The hospitality industry is as vibrant as it is unique and constantly changing. New technologies that aim to dis-intermediate middlemen simply become new digital middlemen.  In the mist of all the running to stay in place, our solutions instead help to lower process fees, retain valued customers, incentivize new or repeat stays, and generally make your business more grounded in basic, fundamental practices.

Optimized Processing

Most stays are ultimately paid through credit cards, whose fees vary depending if the card was ever physically presented, simply entered online, taken by phone, or secure transacted by digital wallet. Often, hotels who have digitized their payment systems pay above-average fees in exchange for the simplicity of the payment implementation, turning a short-term savings into long term costs.

Guest Loyalty

We understand that your customers are not just consumers — they are valued guests that expect their stays to be both a memorable experience and uneventfully pleasurable. Loyalty is thus more than just earning points for an amount of money spent, it is a means to incentivize your guests to prefer your brand as a destination over other alternatives. And that incentive will vary with each brand, even with each property. Our programs are just as flexible and can be made to accommodate the schemas you need to reach your goals.

Incentives Management

With the plethora of properties in many popular destinations, and the emergence of alternatives to lodging such as couch surfing, RV rentals, short term home rentals, etc., consumers have more choices than ever before and need reasons to choose you over others.  Plain coupons are too wide an approach.  Instead, well aimed offers generate much better response and eliminate the waste associated with scatter shot approaches.

Make a reservation...

Regardless if you are running a 5000 room empire or 10-room boutique there are many ways we can help to reduce costs, incentivize yourguests, and retain old ones.

Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers. 

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