Technology is inexorably changing the way citizens interact with merchants and financial services, adopting online and mobile services that make financial transactions fully digital, immediate, and secure. The result is an expectation that their government keep up with these technological innovations, which also creates an opportunity by governmental agencies to eliminate tax evasion, fraud, corruption, and reduce if not eliminate the cost of printing traditional paper money and coins.

21st Century Money

Cloud Payments has extensive experience implementing solutions within governmental regulatory requirements and implementing standards.  We recognize that national states require certain assurances of sovereignty regarding fundamental financial infrastructure and we have innovative solutions to address this. Our Secure Financial Platform can also provide additional services that allow governments that digitize their monetary supply to turn their money-printing costs into an ROI that provides an additional revenue stream.

Local Services

Cloud Payments has helped local and regional governments implement friction-less payments for systems such as public transit, utilities, taxes, licenses, registrations, etc.  Our financial switch allows a variety of interfaces (websites, mobile, office counters) to process and route transactions properly, connecting to needed regulatory authentication, validation, reporting, compliance, and fraud detection.

Digital Transformation

Over the next few years and decades, sovereign nations will need to implement digital currency standards that reduce or eliminate costs of printing and minting coins, as well as provide an alternative to the foreign credit card processing networks that syphon money away from the national economy. We are working with several nations that are exploring the impact and consequences of these initiatives, to create national standards and financial switch secure backbones to national currencies.

From Cost to Revenue

Part of a national switch network is the ability to ensure that a secure, even playing field is created to spur business activity, ensure proper funding by eliminating tax evasion, reduce corruption from middlemen, and when properly implemented, ensure individual privacy while providing a national database of consumer behavior that can create significant sources of revenues for governments and their citizens.  Our platform provides the tools and infrastructure to implement these goals.

Although it is easy to imagine nation-wide digital futures, we do like to concentrate on feasible programs that solve today’s needs, often at the local or city level.  Our deep expertise in this area means that you can have a trusted technology partner. Call us to discuss what we can help you and your organization achieve.

Over the past decade, we’ve built advanced technology solutions that have focused on improving a merchant’s ability to transact with its customers. 

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